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Short News

2022-11-25 Last talk in Sydney, Australia at University of New South Wales

2022-11-22 Our ISS paper on piano learning got an Honorable Mention GreatSuccess

2022-11-22 Next up taking about my research at University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia

2022-11-10 Giving another talk about my research at The University of Melbourne in Melbourne, Australia

2022-11-09 Visiting Monash University and giving a talk Melbourne, Australia

2022-10-24 We invite you all to the Open Lab Day 2022 — Media Informatics Group at LMU Munich

2022-10-17 First day of the new semester

2022-10-10 Internal Doctoral Colloquium Fall 2023 – 5 days in Venice, Italy

2022-09-23 Attending MobileHCI2022 in Vancouver, Canada presenting my latest paper

2022-09-20 Visiting the Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics at DLR the German Aerospace Center

2022-09-15 CHI2023 submission was a great success for the LMU group.

2022-09-05 Attending MuC2022 in Darmstadt as paper chair, I am very excited to see the many paper we selected for the conference.

2022-04-14 CHI2023: I will do Publications Chair one more year – year 3 here I come.

2022-02-04 CHI2022 our papers got accepted!

2021-12-10 MuC2022: I am proud to announce that I will sever as full paper chair together with Kathrin Gerling

2021-12-09 Invited in-person talk at Ulm University

2021-11-22 CHI2022 Notifications are out, so our publications team is taking up their work

2021-10-26 More in-person talks. Today, talking about how artificial intelligence methods elevate your HCI research at ISO_IE2021

2021-10-14 First in-person talk with Albrecht Schmidt on „Introduction to Intelligent User Interfaces“ at the acai2021 AI HCI humaneAI Berlin, Germany

2021-10-05 Group building business trip – 5 days in Venice, Italy

2021-09-21 Pose-on-the-Go is a finalist in Fast Company&8217;s 2021 Innovation by Design Awards (Student category)

2021-09-21 Vibrosight++ is a finalist in Fast Company&8217;s 2021 Innovation by Design Awards (Experimental category)

2021-09-10 CHI2022 survived all papers submitted

2021-09-05 Attending MuC2021 virtually

2021-08-27 Teaching: Final Projects Practical XR Learning Applications 2021

2021-08-02 Teaching: Final Projects Practical Course Unity 2021

2021-07-09 I just got my 1000th citation. Time to celebrate.

2021-05-30 The planing for CHI2022 has starts &8211; this year I will act as SC in the subcommittee Interaction Beyond the Individual

2021-05-12 CHI2021 presenting my paper on Super-Resolution Capacitive Touchscreens

2021-05-06 CHI2021 &8211; Data Co-Chair update: all papers are finalized just one day before the conference starts.

2021-03-12 Invited talk: Time to present my work at VU Amsterdam

2021-03-04 ToCHI paper submitted. 90 days of waiting begins.

2021-02-01 Invited talk: Time to present my work in Stuttgart

2020-10-18 Back in Germany, let the quarantine begin

2020-10-05 First LMU business trip to Venice, Italy

2020-10-01 First day as an Assistant Professor at the LMU Munich

2020-09-21 Tested negative for COVID-19

2020-09-18 Time to catch the next plane back to Germany

2020-09-17 CHI2021 Submitted! – hibernation for some days

2020-09-03 CHI2021 is getting real intense

2020-07-16 I had an amazing 4-days as a tutor at the Digital Media Summer Institute

2020-07-12 Rafting with the FigLab

2020-06-18 First time takeing part in the NordiCHI PC meeting – more time in Zoom

2020-05-25 The virtual German CHI week has started

2020-05-19 First time taking part in the MobileHCI PC meeting – two days in Zoom

2020-04-30 Final push, 7 days left until the UIST deadline

2020-04-14 WorldGaze gets published at CHI

2020-03-21 First day of doing home office due to COVID-19

2020-02-19 Talk: Machine Learning for Human-Computer Interaction the University of Regensburg, Germany

2020-02-16 Flying back to Germany to get my visa extension approved

2020-01-31 Apple is visiting the FigLab, demo time

2019-12-28 Crossing over from Panama to Costa Rica

2019-12-14 Vacation time; Panama, and CostaRica for 4 weeks

2019-11-14 Back in the FigLab, ready for new projects

2019-11-11 Paper presentation at ISS19 this year hosted at KAIST, Daejeon, South Korea

2019-11-08 Visting Munich, Germany

2019-11-04 Dinner with the old student assistants in Stuttgart

2019-11-01 First trip back to Germany since I moved to Pittsburgh

2019-10-20 First time attending UIST this year in NewOrleans, Louisiana

2019-10-07 Opening an Enigma machine

2019-10-01 Presenting at MobileHCI in Taipei, Taiwan

2019-09-20 CHI20 papers submitted, now I need a break but travels will follow soon

2019-09-13 CHI20 abstracts submitted, now the final push

2019-06-19 Dinner with my old PhD colleague Alireza Sahami Shirazi and family in SF

2019-06-19 Meeting Tejaswi Peesapati in the Googleplex

2019-06-18 My first meeting inside of the Apple HQ, Infinite Loop – truly impressive

2019-06-15 First official CMU business trip to San Francisco

2019-05-22 Joining FigLab at CMU

2019-05-19 Starting to explore my new nightblood Squirrel Hill and the City of Pittsburgh

2019-05-17 Today my flight departs to Pittsburgh via New York to meat up with Nitesh Goyal on the way

2019-05-06 CHI19 paper presentation done. Time to enjoy the rest of the conference

2019-05-03 First time back in Glasgow, UK for CHI19 in 4 years, happy to explore what changed

2019-03-17 Exploring Berlin for 5 days

2019-03-01 Time to celebrate – Ph.D. graduation

2019-02-28 Visiting ARENA2036 and meeting with the team of ThingOS

2019-01-30 3 accepted paper CHI 2019

2019-01-18 In Copenhagen, Denmark over the weekend for a bit of sightseeing

2019-01-02 4 days in Amsterdam visiting Lars Lischke and family

2018-12-24 Celebrating Christmas with family and friends in Germany

2018-09-28 Off to Oslo, Norway to attend NordiCHI18 last time Student Volunteer

2018-08-31 Off to Barcelona, Spain to attend MobileHCI18

2018-08-01 Visiting LMU Munich

2018-06-06 Running a tutorial at PerDis18 for Intelligent Interactive Systems together with Huy Viet Le

2018-06-05 Attending PerDis18 at the LMU Munich

2018-05-04 I am back with great impressing form visiting the MIT Media Lab for three days – Thanks, Scott Greenwald for hosting us

2018-04-30 Visiting Andrew Kun at the University of New Hampshire

2018-04-26 CHI18 second presentation done

2018-04-20 Off to Montreal, Canada to attend CHI18