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On top of being heavily involved in the publication process as Data & PCS Co-Chair. I am happy to announce
After spending the last 1.5 years in Pittsburgh it's already time to end my postdoc time to take on my
After the successful opening of the two Enigma Machines in the Hunty Library last year, the Hunt Library asked us
Today’s voice assistants lack fine-grained contextual awareness, requiring users to be unambiguous in their voice commands. In a smart home
Today, I was part of a VERY rare event at the CMU Library. We (the FigLab team) were invited to
After I spend most of my life in the lovely region of "Schwaben" in the southwest of Germany, it is
4.5 years ago in the summer of 2014, when I started my Ph.D. it seemed like a long way to
Yesterday we (the HCI lab in Stuttgart) were invited to visit the ARENA2036 next to our lab on the university
I call one first author papers, and two second author papers a big success. See all the details below. Effect
In an effort to use enrich touch interaction our newest paper focuses on the possibility to distinguish different fingers based
This year at UIST we presented a prototype to identify all fingers touching a smartphone. To get this project running
I gave this paper talk at Tuesday, April 24, 2018 – 16:00, Room: 515ABC (Paper Session: Smartphone use) at the ACM
Three first author papers, one second author paper, and one second last author paper is the success of CHI 2018
Last week we hosted the 17th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia #MUM2017, for me it was the first time
At MobileHCI this year in Vienna I presented work which was conducted in cooperation with my Master student Perihan Gad
I gave this paper talk in Brighton, UK on Thursday Oct 19, 2017 – 14:00 (Session 4: From Wall Displays to Liquid
In this tutorial, we show the basic steps for using TensorFlow on mobile devices. TensorFlow is a framework for training
Over the last two years, I was asked quite a number of times if I could give a tutorial on
After, motionEAP, one of the project I was involved in finally ended, we released the source code of the system
Project webpage:
In order to easily run an number of projects with Android phones we developed an app to record all sensor
Last week I attended the 7th International UBI Summer School 2016 (UBISS 2016) (Update 2018: official webseit is offline) were
Let your fingers dance! Start your dance tour across the amazing world of swipe dance. Project webpage:
We just released a new version of our "Flappy Bird" clone "Flappy Easter". Project webpage:
My average day started with a coffee from a coffee store named Bennu, on Woodlands Road, right around my house.
Another webpage photographer went online today. Check it out at:
During my intern at the University of Glasgow I took part in the first SICSA Summer School Computational Interaction. The
I am part of the workshop "From Mobile to Wearable: Using Wearable Devices to Enrich Mobile Interaction" at mobileHCI'15 in
Distant pointing at objects and persons is a highly expressive gesture that is widely used in human communication. Pointing is
Finally we made in to the upcoming carnival in south Germany, the new page of  the "Narrenfreunde Remmingsheim" is online.
Another webpage went online today. Check it out at: Since I released the last page in 2013 my style
Today I got one more webpage developed by me online. Check it out at:
Finally, the new webpage went online. One more time I where I proved my skills to built a CMS
My first webpage went online (UPDATE: the webpage is down since 2014, visit the old version at During the