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UIST’18: InfiniTouch

This year at UIST we presented a prototype to identify all fingers touching a smartphone. To get this project running we used our Fully Touch Sensitive Smartphone.

Smartphones are the most successful mobile devices and offer intuitive interaction through touchscreens. Current devices treat all fingers equally and only sense touch contacts on the front of the device. In this paper, we present InfiniTouch, the first system that enables touch input on the whole device surface and identifies the fingers touching the device without external sensors while keeping the form factor of a standard smartphone. We first developed a prototype with capacitive sensors on the front, the back and on three sides. We then conducted a study to train a convolutional neural network that identifies fingers with an accuracy of 95.78% while estimating their position with a mean absolute error of 0.74cm. We demonstrate the usefulness of multiple use cases made possible with InfiniTouch, including finger-aware gestures and finger flexion state as an action modifier.

Video explaining InfiniTouch.

Read about our prototype also at:, and

Huy Viet Le, Sven Mayer, Niels Henze : InfiniTouch: Finger-Aware Interaction on Fully Touch Sensitive Smartphones. In: Proceedings of the 31th Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology, ACM, New York, NY, USA, 2018.
The UIST conference talk given by Huy Le.

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